Total 16 cases of burglaries and house theft were solved, in which huge amount of gold and silver ornaments are recovered: Chandigarh Police

Photo: Rakesh Shah


A team of Crime Branch under the supervision of DSP Sh. Pawan Kumar lead by Insp. Amanjot Singh arrested the gang of notorious burglars who have committing large number of burglaries in the area of Chandigarh.


Profile of accused.


Name Father’s name Present Address Age Occupation
Jagdeep Singh Sh. Daler Singh Urban Estate Sector-7, Ambala City HR 24


Taxi Driver
Shankar Thap Sh. Hem Lal Thapa Village Palsoura, Sec-55, Chandigarh Permanent add- Narayan Ghat, Distt. Chitaun Country, Nepal 28 years Works in the catering camp.
Ashok Kumar Tiwari Om Parkash Tiwari Village Palsoura, Sec-55, Chandigarh Permanent add. Vill. Aastigan, PS- Dhamolia, Distt. Faizabad(Ayadhya), UP.


age 27 years Auto Driver
Gurminder Singh @ Happy Chand Singh Ph-1 Mohali, PB 54 years Jeweller

(Receiver of stolen property)


Photo: Rakesh Shah

On 20.08.18, secret information was received that the above said accused persons were involved in burglaries and house theft presently roaming in the area of Police Station 36, Chandigarh. On the basis of secret information the naka was laid and all were apprehended and from further interrogation and investigation total 16 cases of burglaries and house theft were solved, in which huge amount of gold and silver ornaments are recovered.


The cases solved with their arrest are as under:

Sr. No. FIR /Date U/S PS State
1. 274/24.07.18 380,457,411 IPC 36 Chandigarh
2. 51/02.02.18 380,457,411 IPC 39 Chandigarh
3. 237/05.06.18 380,411 IPC 39 Chandigarh
4. 10/09.01.18 380,457,411 IPC 39 Chandigarh
5. 140/07.07.18 380,457,411 IPC 3 Chandigarh
6. 49/30.01.18 380,454,411 IPC 39 Chandigarh
7. 241/02.07.18 380,457,411 IPC 34 Chandigarh
8. 178/27.06.18 380,457,411 IPC MJ Chandigarh
9. 120/21.03.18 380,457,411 IPC 31 Chandigarh
10. 98/25.05.18 380,457,411 IPC 49 Chandigarh
11. 248/21.06.18 380,411 IPC 39 Chandigarh
12. 121/22.03.18 380,457,411 IPC 39 Chandigarh
13. 232/19.6.18 380,457,411 IPC 36 Chandigarh.
14. 227/12.6.18 380,457,411 IPC 36 Chandigarh.
15. 233/20.6.18 380,457,411 IPC 36 Chandigarh.
16. 17/4.2.18 380,454,411 IPC MJ Chandigarh.


Modus operandi

All the three accused met each other through a common friend namely Manir who was also lodged in Patiala Jail with accused Jagdeep Singh and after the introduction all of them decided to commit crime conjointly. Jagdeep Singh who was a taxi driver and have two cars one Baleno and one Alto used to roaming around in the posh areas of Chandigarh to look for the locked houses during the day and by breaking open the locks during the night, they used to enter these houses for theft. All of them are enjoying luxury life style wearing branded clothes, drinking branded liquor and gambling. Some of the stolen items they have sold to one of the jewellers in Village Badheri, Chandigarh who has also been arrested. They have stolen the car keys from these houses as well and it was the part of their planning that later they will steal the cars from the said houses. 5 such car keys were also recovered.  They have committed theft in the house of Renowned Punjabi Singer Satinder Sartaj, Sec.34, Chandigarh. They have located this house as locked during the day and entered by breaking open the locks, but on entering the house they found that it is not a residence of the singer but his office, so fearing that they have been recorded in the CCTV cameras, they stolen the DVR from there, which has been recovered.

Theft in Mohali

They have also committed theft in Mohali, Ph.11, from where they have stolen one Double Barrel Gun, One Camera and other gold jewelleries. The gun according to the interrogation of the accused Ashok Kumar he has given to someone in Ayodhaya, UP.

Previous History of the accused.

All the three accused have a tainted past and have been arrested previously. Jagdeep Singh was arrested in cheating case and remained in Patiala Jail whereas Shankar Thapa was lodged in Burail Jail in theft case. Ashok Kumar Tiwari has also been remained in Ropar jail in theft case.

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