Nirankari Mata Savinder Hardev ji passes away

Nirankari Mata Savinder Hardev ji passes away after a prolong illness at 5:15 pm in New Delhi. She was 61. Born on 2nd January 1957 to Sh. Manmohan Singh and Smt. Amrit Kaur and later was adopted by Sh. Gurumukh Singh and Mrs Madan Kaur ji.

She got her education at convent of Christian and Mary Mussoorie As a better half of Baba Hardev Singh she supported him in prachar and welfare in india and abroad.

She was the 5th Saduru of nirankari mission

She is survived by three daughters. Samta, Renuka and Sudeeksha

Sadguru Sudiksha ji is the 6th head of Nirankari Mission

The body of Mata ji will be plaed for last ‘darshans’ in Samagam ground no. 8 till 7th of August, 2018, the cremation will be held at Nigam Bodh Ghat on 8th August at 12 noon in electrical crematorium. The mission sources told.

The Shradhaanjli samaroh will take place in samagam ground the same day at 2:00 pm

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