Mission Tandarust Punjab activities every one is participating

This teachers of Government Primary School, Giana sets an example, cleans toilets of his school


Bathinda, August 5, 2018:

A wide array of activities in the district from sweeping the sports academies in government schools to holding friendly matches to the district police telling young students about drug abuse and its effects in the society marked the ambitious Mission Tandarust Punjab activities.

ETT teacher Ranjit Singh from Government Primary School village Giana, Talwandi Sabo set an example by cleaning the toilets of school under the Mission Tandarust Punjab activities held at school on Saturday.

The Volleyball Coaching Center students at Talwandi Sabo cleaned the premises of their center, while at the Multipurpose Stadium Bathinda the football players cleaned ground. Tournaments of boxing and basketball were held at Talwandi Sabo and at Multipurpose Stadium Bathinda.

At Government High School Gatwali, more than 150 students were distributed sports kit having T-shirts and knickers. At Government Primary School village Gatwali, the students and teachers cleaned school campus on Sunday.

The nagar panchayats continued their cleaning and sweeping spree. At Nagar Panchayat, Mehraj cleaning of the parks was undertaken and sweeping of roads in Nagar Panchayat, Mandi Kalan was conducted. Sweeping in ward no 2 near sports stadium in nagar panchayat Bhai Rupa was conducted.

The water supply and sanitation department division no 2 held plantation in Fatehgarh Nauabad village in Talwandi Sabo block. Also plantation was done along roadside in Talwandi Sabo, while irrigation department planted 35 saplings at Goniana Canal Rest House.

Similarly, plantation was undertaken at village Mehma Sarkari and Sivian of the Goniana block.Industry dept visited MR Conductors and MR Star Transformers in New Industrial area Focal Point Dabwali Road.


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