Rahul’s wink,Priya Prakash Varrier seemed to have found a worthy competitor

Commenting on Rahul Gandhi’s wink in the Lok Sabha, many said Priya Prakash Varrier seemed to have found a worthy competitor.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi took the lower house of Parliament by surprise when he decided to hug Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the end of his fiery speech during the debate on the no-confidence motion.

Soon after the surprise act, Rahul winked at someone and was caught live on national TV camera. As if  the “unscripted hug”, as Congress MP Shashi Tharror put it later, was not enough to set social media on fire, the wink stole the limelight. At the time of writing, ‘Rahul Gandhi’ had already more than 79000 impressions (mentions) on Twitter.

His wink, however, dragged another celebrity’s name into the mentions and conversations, as many tweeters sought to draw a comparison with Internet heartthrob Priya Prakash Varrier. The Malayalam film actor rose to prominence even before her first film was released as a teaser song from the film, featuring her playful wink, went viral earlier this year.

Commenting on Rahul’s wink, many said Priya Prakash Varrier seemed to have found a worthy competitor.

After the hug to PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi was seen winking at someone from his seat. His wink soon took the internet by storm, and many couldn’t stop comparing it to Priya’s famous wink.

After the unprecedented drama in the Lok Sabha, Twitter users obviously had a field day. One of the Twitter user wrote, “Rahul Gandhi’s jhappi and winking act 😂😂😂😂reminds me of #PriyaPrakashWarrior”

Another Twitter user asked, who was better at the wink, was it Rahul Gandhi or actress Priya?

“Who did it better ?

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