PM Modi continues his attack on Rahul Gandhi, takes a dig at his PM ambitions.

Taking a jibe at Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi says     How can I look into your eyes (Rahul Gandhi’s) since you are ‘naamdaar’ and I am born into a lower caste and to a poor mother?     Today in the House, I was told that I cannot even look straight in the eye. How can I? I am a humble, poor son of a poor mother. How can I dare to look straight into the eye of a ‘naamdaar’? I am ‘kaamdaar’.

Talking about winking by Rahul Gandhi, Modi says:

Today the whole nation saw how eyes are being used by those talking of looking straight into the eye.

I am proud to say, I am a ‘chowkidar’ and a ‘bhaagidaar’ but not a ‘saudagar’.

We are ‘bhaagidaar’ of development. They played with the emotions of the needy.

They can’t preach us on democracy, Congress has lost its gorund…

I come from a place where development work is over.

  • Subverting democracy is second nature to Congress. They gave false assurance to Chaudhary Charan Singh and later withdrew support. Games are being played to destabilize a stable mandate.Who doesn’t know ‘vote ke badle note’…Congress insulted HD Deve Gowda and Mulayam Singh.

    You are ‘Naamdar’, we are ‘Kaamdaar’ – PM Modi


    Jul 20, 10:09 PM (IST)

    PM Modi targets Sonia Gandhi

    I read a statement- “who says we do not have the numbers.”

    See her arrogance.

    I was reminded about 1999, she stood outside Rashtrapati Bhavan and said- we have 272 and more are joining us. She destabilised Atal Ji’s Government and never formed one herself.

    What did the Congress do to Charan Singh Ji, what did they do to Chandra Shekhar Ji, what did they do to Deve Gowda Ji, what did they do to IK Gujral Ji.

    Two times the Congress was involved in buying votes with the power of notes. The entire nation saw what the eyes did today. It is clear in front of everyone.

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