Life Path Number – 2

Life path number 2 is the number of learning and truth. Those with this life path number tend to seek peace and harmony in the world around them. They are natural peacemakers and they are always known to give their ideas and opinions voluntarily for any situation. When it comes to meditating between situations and people, they deliver the best results. People born in life path number 2 are very loyal. When they say they love you, they really love you from their heart and they never like to make false promises. It is very common to find these people having a lot of friends and acquaintances. They always share a sensitive corner to others. Individuals with life path number 2 are very sincere, most honest and the best people on the earth you can ever come across. Their sensitive, caring and gentle traits make them excellent lovers and friends.


Life Path Number 2 Personality at the same time, you must guard against the tendency to be over sensitive that can often be your pitfall in life. You also do not like to give way to any confrontations and disputes. Therefore you often keep things inside you and suffer. When you are in a group, this tendency will prevent you from contributing your ideas to the team. Often when you tend to be so caring and sacrificing, you often neglect your own welfare and give away all that you have for others. Sometimes when people cheat you by evoking your sense of pity, you feel anger and resentment. If you are tested to the core, you tend to rise in anger. However, even under extreme cases you do not like to fight and create a conflict.

Life Path Number 2 Careers Life path number 1 is a feminine number. In several ways, they are just the opposite of number ones. At the same time, number twos are highly resilient and strong. They are the real survivors of the whole of number spectrum. They can very well stick on to the career they hold in their life. So it is natural to find them well settled with some jobs. Some of the most popular jobs they occupy in their lives are teachers, nurses, therapists, counselors and doctors. In general, they are good in providing care and advice. They can easily relate with other people and win over them. This tendency makes them good at fashion and real estate industry. It is very common to find them as bartenders, matchmakers, politicians and matchmakers.

Life Path Number 2 Love Life path number 2 individuals are very sincere and loyal. They never value temporary relationships. They always seek to find lasting relationships that are built on mutual trust and confidence. They highly believe in true love. When they find their special person, they contemplate on establishing a love relationship poised towards marriage. Since they are very loyal when it comes to relationships, they are extremely caught up in their relationship with their love partner. It is very common to find them discovering their love through their random acts of kindness.

Life Path Number 2 Marriage life path number 2 persons are not only sensitive, they are also moody. They seek more of mental connection with their partners than mere surfacial relationship that targets physical aggrandizement. These highly sensual individuals have a very high sense of imagination. Since they are prone to frequent mood swings, it is essential for their partners to be stable and support them during tough times. In matters of love, they always give importance to what their heart says. They can make their romantic life highly interesting and satisfy their partners beyond compare. These people are highly sensitive and always will need the support of a caring partner. Therefore it is essential that their life partners are so caring and understanding to be able to give them the required support with their family life. Only when they are happy in their professional lives they can do well with their professional life.

Life Path Number 2 Compatibility for people with lie path number 2, the best matches are possible with individuals sharing life path numbers 8 or 9. 8s are visionaries and 9s are aris

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