5 ways to play around with your home decor during the monsoons

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The onset of monsoon is the perfect time to review your home interiors and go in for some tropical, refreshing upgrades

Don’t let the wet weather be a dampener. Here’s are five swift upgrades we have curated for you

The monsoon season is upon us and like every year we see mixed responses about the weather change amongst our readers. Some enjoy the break from the oppressive heat and bask in the lush green environment, while others are put off by the lack of sunlight and puddles all around. However, a common complaint that both share is the dull and dreary aura that envelopes their homes during the moon season.

The best way to enjoy the monsoon is to give your room a quick upgrade

We have curated 5 ways to transform your regular home decor into vibrant, joyful and positive spaces that are fighting fit for the monsoon season.

A common trend in lighting design is using a variable of ceiling lighting centred to the space. While this is your best bet during most seasons, during the monsoons, dark corners enhance shadow play and create a gloomy ambience in the space.

Placing floor standing lamps in these corners gets rids of the shadows and offers a peripheral illumination that brightens up the entire room.

Use sound, fragrance and textures to bring a fresh vibe to your home interiors and change the layout of your space.Consider opting for a shaggy rug or throw for your chair or to place underneath your coffee table so you can sink into its soft, luxurious texture. Nothing feels as comforting as a cup of hot chocolate, with cozy furnishing to envelop you in.

For the right smelling home, fragrant candles, diffusers and floating candles are a sure shot way of making your space look welcoming and enchanting. It also makes for great photo ops!

You don’t have to look beyond your linen closet to add brightness to your living space. It’s a quick fix to dull, rainy weather. Opt for bright coloured cushion covers and throws. You can even experiment the setting with some bold prints. Avoid blues and reds and opt for bright yellows and greens instead. They subtly complement the lush greenery visible from your windows and draw the freshness of nature in visually.


Well, if we’re going to draw nature into our homes, there is no better way to do this than by growing house plants. This is especially easy for those of you with balconies in their apartments. There’s no dearth of ornamental flowers, leafy plants, and sturdy cactii to add variety to your floral arrangements. Every corner of your home can either look lush or sophisticated depending on the vase and flora you chose.

Grow a green thumb during the monsoons and bring some fresh flowers and ornamental plants into your living space for that tropical look

The onset of the season is also a great opportunity to redo the furniture layout of your home. The idea here is to create a furniture layout that is uncluttered and spaced away from each other. Having upholstered furniture close together or pressed against walls absorbs moisture and habituates the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Ideally you should redo your furniture placement to create as many stand alone products as possible. If this is difficult, the alternative is to space them out to maintain at least a 5-inch gap from the walls and each other.


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