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Over the centuries planets have been believed to govern the individuals’ mind and body as well as their own character. Also specific traits or factors such as thinking behavior, health education, prejudice, likes, dislikes, aptitude for a particular profession or vocation are decided according to the effects of the  principal planet.

Since the study of astrology is based on mathematics, we can expect a higher degree of accuracy in determining the result.

Number Planet Basic characteristics of individual
1 Sun Individualistic, determined, proud, dominating, authoritative, confident, showy, aspiring , research oriented.
2 Moon Emotional, companionable, restless, impatient, whimsical, introvert.
3 Jupiter  Honorable, dignified, philosophical, ambitious, vain, dictatorial.
4 Uranus Zealous, revolutionary, active, enduring, stubborn.
5 Mercury Shrewd, calculating, vigilant, business like, cooperative, skeptical unreliable.
6 Venus  Artful, moody, loving,  sympathetic, docile, strong memory
7 Neptune Austere, tolerant, peaceful, systematic, restless, research oriented, whimsical.
8 Saturn Authoritative, methodical, steady, systematic, lazy, cynical, nervous, lazy, delay prone.
9 Mars Energetic, active, hot tempered, dashing, courageous, impatient, quarrelsome, destructive.

One may well ask the highly relevant question: What about the thousands of babies born on same day and date over the world have the identical destinies? The answer is definitely no, because of varied latitudes and longitudes. Here we can say that numerological study can upto 60 percent  ascertain the individual’s characters from birth date alone.

According to numerology each number is believed to be governed by a planet. Each planet exhibits certain specific characteristics which are reflected in the number that each planet governs.

I m starting a series on numerology and hope the readers will understand the law of nature which influence human life.

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