Police Launched Drive Against “JUGAD”

Chandigarh Traffic Police is conducting a special drive against rehri/rickshaw with unauthorized fitment of engine in the city. During this special drive from 30.5.2016 to 6.6.2018, 62 such illegal rehri/rickshaw have been impounded by Chandigarh Traffic Police.

In view of the fact that such illegal vehicles can cause accidents and being without registration number plates are almost difficult to trace out and the fact that the persons driving these illegal vehicles may not be possessing valid driving license and that such illegal vehicles cause air and noise pollution, therefore, Chandigarh Traffic Police is requesting the courts not to release such illegal vehicles without dismantling of the illegally fitted engine so that the same cannot ply again on the city roads.  Further, strict action shall be continued to be taken against such violations in the future.

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