UT got Arun Kumar Gupta as new Home Secy and KK Yadav as Municipal Commissioner


Arun Kumar Gupta IAS Home Secy UT

K K Yadav Municipal Commissioner UT









The Ministry of Home Affairs has appointed Arun  Kumar  Gupta as the new  Home Secretary of Chandigarh.

The ministry has  also  issued an order appointing KK  Yadav  as the new Commissioner of the Chandigarh  Municipal Corporation.With the  appointment of the two  officers  on the  key  posts,  the Administration has   got some  relief as it had been facing an acute  shortage of officers   for   long.  Both officers  have been appointed for a term of three  years. Gupta was at present posted as the Principal Secretary,   Town and Country Planning, Haryana. The three-year term of the current Home Secretary, Anurag Aggarwal, ended on January 11, 2018.  The  MHA  had  given him an extension  as the UT was  facing a shortage of officers.

The Administration  is  yet to  get officers   for posts  of Managing Director, CITCO, and Chairman, Chandigarh Housing Board, which  have been lying vacant.

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